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Board Roles & Responsibilities




President  Updated May 2022 by Rita Wachhorst

Vice-President (Programs)   Updated May 2022 by Leslie Howard

          Roles & Responsibilites

          2021 - 2022 Programs          

Vice-President (Membership)  Updated May 2022 by Terri Ballard

           Roles & Responsibilies


Treasurer     Updated May 2022 by Suellen Rottiers

           Roles & Responsibilites


           2022 Treasurer's report

Recording Secretary     Updated May 2022

Corresponding Secretary    Updated June 2022 by Kasey Hansen

           Birthday List

Historian   ok’d May, 2022, Diana Bryan

Parliamentarian.  Updated 2022 April by Barbara Tyler

Newsletter Updated May 2024 by Martha Woollomes

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